Power reliable estimates with historical data
- all in one place

Access all your estimating data in the cloud, making it easy to assemble both conceptual and detailed cost estimates in less time. Drive a smoother decision-making process that moves preconstruction along faster.

Build speed and accuracy
into every step of your process

Use Groups

Say goodbye to side sheets and access all your data in a single source.

▸ Get Organized

Categorize cost data from past projects by asset class.

▸ Move Faster

Quickly estimate costs based on how an asset will be used.

▸ Be Agile

Effortlessly compare costs between like-for-like uses, even when project details differ.

Area Sheets

Create a better client experience by cutting the time you need to respond to changes.

▸ Estimate Seamlessly

Easily estimate components based on the building’s geometry and unbreakable dynamic formulas.

▸ Uphold Quality

Eliminate costly — and potentially dangerous — manual errors with automatically refactored estimates from building geometry.

▸ Stay Flexible

Be more collaborative with clients and quickly adapt to design requests like adding a floor or changing the floor height.

Unit Mix 

Go from napkin sketch to guaranteed maximum price in weeks, not months.

▸ Automate Input

Establish repeating units within a project to cut manual data input and formulas.

▸ Avoid Rework

Use data from previously created units to quickly assemble projections for associated line items and costs.

▸ Respond Quickly

Adjust the unit mix in a few clicks as project requirements change.


Stop recalculating standard components like curtain walls and H-piles for every project.

▸ Unify Efforts

Incorporate multiple scopes, trades, and line items into one system for faster cost estimates and more detailed scopes.

▸ Conslidate Data

Make adjustments without consulting multiple sources of cost data.

▸ Be Responsive

Help owners understand the cost drivers of a project — even when they’re light on detail.


Direct the entire bid process from bid packages to the final award without the endless email chains and paperwork.

▸ Automate Bids

Instantly transform your estimate into bid packages for subs.

▸ Compare Numbers

Easily level the bids you receive, including all allowances and holds.

▸ Ensure Profit

Forecast profitability by comparing all bids with your estimated targets.

General Conditions & General Requirements

Easily incorporate GC & GR data into your workflow for a more complete estimate.

▸ Eliminate Mistakes

Allow estimators and operations staff to share data for accurate pricing every time.

▸ Schedule Seamlessly

Automatically generate starting schedules based on estimated quantities.

▸ Manage Teams

Assess the staff workload across your portfolio by automatically factoring in burdened rates, PTO, and labor increases.

Cost Modeling

Build trust with owners and get faster decisions by delivering the most accurate cost models possible earlier in the preconstruction process.

▸ Guide Owners

Steer decision-making in the right direction by delivering the most accurate comparable costs from one connected platform.

▸ Price Accurately

Easily separate out locations within a given building by use group to deliver the right cost comparisons.

▸ Close Deals

Win more work and reduce company risk by replacing time-consuming manual entry with connected data that resides in one place.


Streamline every aspect of the estimating process from the basics to your biggest challenges.

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Cut estimating time by saving and reusing pre-defined groups of line items for common, repeatable elements like bathrooms or kitchens.

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Line Items

Get precise control over your project budget and make easy updates when prices or quantities change.

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Protect your profit margin by automatically adding a desired percentage over costs to your estimates — built to be flexible enough to cover risks, reserves and other adjustments.

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Custom PDF and Excel reports

Tailor and export reports to your exact specifications and deliver the right data in any circumstance.

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Regional Cost Databases

Build more accurate estimates by automatically applying regional labor costs, material prices, equipment rental rates, and overheads that are always up to date.