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As an estimator, clients ask you every day to provide accurate pricing. But how can you make that happen without complete designs?

Preconstruction Has Changed

Eighty percent of construction volume in the U.S. is design-build or negotiated work. These approaches demand more collaboration early on in a project, which means estimators are expected to accomplish a lot with little information. Owners choose contractors who proactively advance preconstruction in the following ways:


Rapidly provide
guidance on the financial viability of design


Present a complete picture of costs with context and options to explore


Deliver an efficient
experience from ideation to breaking ground

What our customers are saying

“I recently did a study comparing our estimating team’s performances from pre-Ediphi to now. We increased revenue per estimator by $20 million and the return on investment was 1,900 percent. I’ve never seen anything like that. That’s in addition to the other efficiencies we’re seeing as we roll out Ediphi at a national level.”

Scott Menard
National Director of Preconstruction

Advance the design
conversation even when project details are vague

With Ediphi, you can generate informative estimates with minimal project inputs using a rich cloud database of scope and historical cost data.

Asset Class & Use Groups

With Ediphi, you can easily allocate estimated costs by asset class. Not only do you build a historical cost database for future comparisons, but funding projects for uses like parking, retail, or apartments also becomes simpler.

Building geometry and systems

By using your building's geometry, we intelligently calculate quantities and match them with historical cost data. For instance, when you define floor-to-floor height and perimeter, Ediphi will automatically provide a price for the curtain wall.

Unit mix and finish schedule

Ediphi's cloud database ensures that previously estimated units, complete with quantity take-offs, are accessible to the entire team. Take rough building details and fully populate the unit mix.

Ediphi puts you back in the driver’s seat to lead the conversation and break ground sooner.

Quickly price design revisions and recommend value engineering

Build estimates that provide the flexibility to adapt to changing project requirements. Add a floor or update the floor height and Ediphi will automatically refactor your entire estimate.

Connect your preconstruction workflows and data in one cloud-based platform

No remote desktop connection. No batch updates. No more side sheets.

With Ediphi, you’re always working on the latest versions of estimates — from any device, anywhere. Your data flows from ideation to contracting, including multi-user collaboration and version control.

Discover the new way to estimate

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