May 2, 2024

See the Latest Product Improvements from Ediphi - April

Welcome to our monthly product update, where we bring you the latest enhancements and features designed to improve your experience with Ediphi. This month, we're excited to introduce new functionality that reflects your feedback and our commitment to continuous improvement. Stay tuned for a detailed look at what's new and how these updates can benefit you.

See the Latest Product Improvements from Ediphi - April

Detailed Summary Variance Reporting

At Ediphi, our mission is to empower the people who plan the built world. We understand that behind every construction project are teams of hardworking professionals facing complex challenges, and solving the preconstruction industry's most challenging problems is key to empowering these teams. One significant pain point for estimators has always been variance reporting—the tedious task of identifying and explaining cost changes between estimate versions. Historically, variance reporting could take days or even weeks. That's why we're excited to introduce our new variance reporting features, designed to transform a weeks-long process into a matter of seconds. Now, contractors can focus more on what they do best—partnering with clients and winning more work.

Why Did We Build This?

We developed these new tools in response to feedback from estimators who struggled with two main issues:

Surface-Level Reporting: Many were only reporting variances at a Schedule of Values (SOV) level, which didn't capture the underlying reasons for cost changes.

Time-Consuming Analysis: Others spent excessive time manually analyzing each line item from past estimates to understand and report these variances, which was not only laborious but also inefficient.

Recognizing these challenges, our goal was to make variance reporting both thorough and time-efficient.

Answering the Call

Schedule of Values (SOV) Variance Reporting

This feature allows users to see precisely what changed and where these changes occurred across different estimates and versions. This insight is crucial for meetings with project owners, providing them with a clear and concise overview of cost variances. The flexibility to group and present this data in various formats ensures it resonates with project stakeholders.

Detailed Summary Variance Reporting

This feature provides unprecedented insights by exporting multiple estimates at a detailed line item level. It highlights why costs have increased or decreased, which items were added or removed, and the cost differences between estimate versions. This tool empowers estimators to provide immediate and accurate explanations for cost variances, significantly enhancing decision-making speed and accuracy.

For more information please visit our support article

Enhanced Navigation

In order to provide a more intuitive user experience we’re releasing several updates to how users interact with their project portfolio in Ediphi. 

My Projects

Users now have three distinct project views: 

  1. List View: This is an enhanced version of the project list view you know and love
  2. Map view: You can now view projects on the map (think google maps) allowing you to compare and view key stats on nearby projects
  3. Grid view: This view allows you to interact with a card view of projects with map context populated

An Updated Menu:

  • More menu: Within the ellipses at the end of each project card, you now have the option to Edit, Archive, Delete and color code your projects
  • Recently Viewed: This will appear as a top section in “My Projects”, with a maximum of 4 projects, making it much faster to re-open your last viewed projects
  • Favorites: This is the feature that was formerly a pushpin. It will be converted to a star, and will appear as the second section of your “My Projects” view
  • Filter enhancements: Allowing for multi-select filters in My Projects

These updates make organizing and viewing project data more intuitive. Enhancements to Filters also help regional and company level admins more quickly access their project data.

For more information please view our support video.

New Project Level Navigation Menu  

A new collapsable menu on the left hand navigation will allow users to seamlessly move between the Project Overview, Estimates, GC&GR’s, Schedule, and Contracting modules. Furthermore, it collapses when not in use, providing additional screen space to work on estimates, GCs&GRs, contracting, etc. 

For more information please view our support video.

Project Overview

The Project Overview will act as a new homepage for your projects. In its current state, there are several key data points on a project that are featured so that a user can understand stats like gross square footage and estimate value at a glance before diving into details at the Estimate or Contract level.

Key data points shown:

  • Project Location
  • Project Card with Creator, Region, Address and Map view
    • Any color coding
    • Note: map will not appear if an address is not entered on a project
  • Estimate name with stats:
    • Estimate Value
    • Gross Area
    • Number of floors, Use Group names
    • Last Modified by and date stamp

For more information please view our support video

Looking Ahead

As we continue to innovate at Ediphi, our focus remains on addressing the largest and most complex issues facing the preconstruction industry. The positive feedback from our community on these new features encourages us to push further, and we are excited about the potential impacts on our users' daily operations.

We value your input and encourage you to share your experiences with these new tools. Stay tuned for future updates as we strive to empower all of you that are out there planning the built world.

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