Apr 3, 2024

March: See the Latest Product Improvements from Ediphi

March Product Updates

March: See the Latest Product Improvements from Ediphi

Welcome to our monthly product update, where we bring you the latest enhancements and features designed to improve your experience with Ediphi. This month, we're excited to introduce new functionality that reflects your feedback and our commitment to continuous improvement. Stay tuned for a detailed look at what's new and how these updates can benefit you.

Schedule of Values (SOV) Variance Reporting 

Ediphi now offers the capability to download SOV Variance Reports, a feature designed to streamline preconstruction by enabling users to effortlessly compare estimates within the same project. This advancement not only improves visibility and clarity regarding any alterations made but also simplifies the communication of project cost analysis to clients. By identifying cost discrepancies, it bridges understanding and transparency, fostering a collaborative environment. Variance Reports stand out by allowing for the comparison of Schedule of Values (SOVs) across different estimates or iterations of the same estimate, all within a single project. Executed through an Excel file, this comparative analysis is key in pinpointing and understanding the nuances of cost variations.

Addressing Key Challenges:

Streamlined Project Analysis: SOV Variance Reports eliminate the complexities previously encountered in comparing project estimates. By offering a direct comparison of SOVs within the same project, Ediphi enhances decision-making processes with increased clarity and ease.

Enhanced Storytelling: The ability to detail specific areas of cost change significantly strengthens the dialogue between project stakeholders. This precise level of detail ensures a mutual understanding, building trust and facilitating smoother project progression.

Deep Dive into Cost Dynamics: The meticulous comparison facilitated by SOV Variance Reports sheds light on the "where" behind cost changes. Such insights are invaluable for project estimators and owners, enabling a strategic approach to budget management and the financial planning of designs.

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