Mar 15, 2024

See The Latest Product Improvements from Ediphi

See The Latest Product Improvements from Ediphi

Welcome to our monthly product update, where we bring you the latest enhancements and features designed to improve your experience with Ediphi. This month, we're excited to introduce new functionality that reflects your feedback and our commitment to continuous improvement. Stay tuned for a detailed look at what's new and how these updates can benefit you.

Manage Views

In Ediphi, users now have the ability to manage and create new views for estimates. This feature enables users to efficiently configure their own views, save them, and even share them with colleagues within their project. Moreover, company administrators have the ability to configure views for users, ensuring that the estimate is presented in the desired format.

What problems does Manage Views solve?

  • Intuitive Views for New Users: New users gain instant access to their estimates in the expected format, enhancing their initial experience.
  • Streamlined View Sharing for Teams: Team members can easily share standardized template views within a project, promoting alignment and ensuring a unified understanding of estimates.
  • Personalized Views for Individuals: Individual users can save their customized views, allowing them to tailor estimates to their specific preferences and needs.

For more information please visit our support article

Report Builder

We are pleased to announce that we now offer the option to download detailed PDF or Excel reports of your estimates in the same format as you see them in Ediphi.

With our new Report Builder feature, users now have the ability to export individual and/or multiple reports from a single location and receive them as a consolidated file. This streamlines the exporting process and ultimately enables users to deliver data to their clients more efficiently.

What problems does the Report Builder solve?

  • Efficient File Management: Enables users to export one or multiple files across the application from a single location, saving time and reducing cognitive load.
  • Simplified Data Consolidation: Facilitates the export of data into a single file, streamlining the process of merging multiple files into one report and decreasing the likelihood of user errors.
  • Data Compliance: Meets the industry standard of data input and output, ensuring a seamless data handling experience.
  • Customizable Reporting: Offers configurability and personalization of reports exported from Ediphi, allowing users to generate estimates in their preferred format.

For more information please visit our support article.